Public Health Planning is the process of defining community health problems, identifying unmet needs, surveying resources to meet them, establishing priority goals that are feasible and projecting administrative actions to accomplish the purpose of proposed programs.

Results Framework Document (RFD):
GOH decided to implement the Performance Monitoring & Evaluation System (PMES) in the Department of Health vide which each department was asked to prepare a Results Framework Document (RFD) which provides the summary of trends in previous years, achievements of current financial year and targets for the next three years. Objectives were defined for various divisions of Health Department like Maternal Health, Child Health, Family Planning, Referral Transport, Community Process, IBSY, Construction, AYUSH, Drugs and Food Sampling etc. These Objectives should be measured in terms of respective Actions and Success Indicators. Various meetings were conducted with State Program Officers for compilation. Draft RFD was submitted. Changes were made as per suggestions by the Ministry. Final RFD Health for 2012-13 was completed and submitted. Targets versus achievements of RFD Health 2012-13 were reviewed periodically. First draft of RFD Health for the FY 2013-14 has been submitted. Final RFD Health for 2013-14 will be completed and submitted to GOI. Review of RFD will also be done.

Project Implementation Plan (PIP) 2013-14:
Two Consultants (PHP) were full time involved in the preparation of State PIP with NRHM for duration of 4 months. Assistance was provided to NRHM and region wise meetings of District level officers were conducted so as to orient them about GOI guidelines for the preparation of District Health Action Plans for 2013-14. Meetings were also held with State level program officers. First draft of State PIP was submitted. Changes in the PIP were made as discussed in NPCC meeting and final State PIP for the year 2013-14 was submitted to GOI.

An evidence based Need & Situation Analysis of selected Health Services in the Districts of Haryana has been planned for the coming year.
It will involve the following activities:

  • Collection of evidence based information to have an actual situation at the facility level with regards of input, process and output which are affecting delivery and quality of health services.
  • Sharing the lacunas with the facility and district level officers, support them for taking actions.
  • Collection of information regarding needs of district level officers and their expectations from state.
  • Information will be useful for health managers in taking action and improvement It will also be useful for PIP implementation and next year planning.

Our Value


Public Health Planning (PHP) Division of HSHRC is actively involved in the process of defining and recognizing community health problems, identifying unmet needs, surveying resources to meet them and suggesting recommendations & policy changes according to the research studies conducted.

Objectives of PHP Division include:-

  • To work on situation analysis for need & evidence based program planning
  • To design, plan and implement of public health programs in state
  • To support and conduct issues based research/operations research
  • To find out special areas, if any, where program interventions are needed