Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E;) DIVISION


Monitoring and Evaluation division ensures that the expected and intended results are being accomplished as planned in the health action plan and public health interventions are creating positive impacts contributing towards improving public’s health.
M&E; division provides concurrent feedback on the progress and helps to identify the inconsistencies in application and execution of activities, and thereof suggests necessary corrective measures.

Few Studies by M&E; Division:

  • Vulnerability mapping of Slum Populations in Haryana.
  • Interventional study on Anaemia among school going children of Haryana..
  • Assessment of Special New Born Care Units (SNCUs) in Haryana.
  • Mukhyamantri Muft Ilaj Yojana Assessment – I & II

Excerpts from some studies

Operational Research - Anaemia in Primary School Children of Haryana
This study indicated a high prevalence of anaemia among the primary school-aged children (5-12 years), and improved status upon implementation of appropriate intervention strategies. The findings of this study highlighted the need for active interventions (both clinical and dietary) by the health departments to reduce the burden of anaemia on Indian populations. (Click here to read more)

Assessment of Functional SNCUs in Haryana
HSHRC conducted an evaluation at 15 functional SNCUs in Haryana. The study revealed that as compared to the standards, there was a shortage of medical officers, paramedical staff, lab technicians and paramedical staff at the SNCUs. It was a similar state of affairs on the equipment and supply front with monitoring equipment, resuscitation equipment, pulse-oximeters, suction machines and oxygen concentrators found to be in short supply as compared to the standards. (Click here to read more)